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Taking on diabetes or pre-diabetes can feel like enough of a challenge…

So why add traveling in Alaska into the mix? For your convenience, I deliver my services virtually. If you can sit in front of a computer when it’s time for your appointment, you can work with me!

How To Get started! 

Let me introduce you to my approach. My START OUT SMART and follow-up plans - each include virtual meetings along with online contact through a highly secure, yet very simple app (that I will show you how to download). During our virtual sessions, we will customize an individualized, integrative functional nutrition plan to keep you on the track to optimal health.  Plus, the helpful app will also allow you to send me messages at any point during your plan.



Kick-start your fight against diabetes. My Outsmart Your Diabetes Getting Started Program takes an integrative and functional nutrition approach to preventing, reversing, slowing or managing the progression of diabetes. Once we have looked closely at your lifestyle, discussed your goals and laid the groundwork, we will set the course for success. This program can be modified for those with Type 1 Diabetes as well.

60-minute initial assessment and 30 min follow up the first month, 2 - 30 min follow ups each month after

Access to the Strong Body, Strong Mind 6 week program!

Electronic followup weekly on your goals and unlimited messaging with RD

Help with Meal Planning & Recipes


Here is a taste of my other programs:

Outsmart Your Scale

This program is for anyone who doesn't have diabetes, but is interested in increasing energy, losing weight and having more time in their lives to do what they enjoy, without dieting!

60-minute initial assessment the first month and 1- 30 min follow up

Bonus! Access to Strong Body, Strong Mind Program

2 - 30 minute follow ups per month

Electronic followup weekly on your goals and unlimited messaging with RD

Help with Meal Planning & Recipes




Tune Up

You've completed the program and you are ready to be on your own.  This package if for loyal clients who want to meet up a few times a year for a tune up, to make sure they are staying on track and tweak anything necessary.

4 - 60 min calls/ year

Send questions any time, electronic monitoring as needed


Now you can book a single session before enrolling!

Get clarity on program details and gain confidence in your decision!


Do you like a good challenge, but love having the support to succeed? My 6-Week Online Course will give you the tools, approaches and mindset you need for a Strong Mind, a Strong Body, and results that last. Start anytime!

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Virtual Coaching

You don’t even have to go out to outsmart diabetes. Find out about my virtual services — delivered by video right to your computer!

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Your Weapon for the War

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"I found MY FIGHT with the help of Angela — and I am winning!"

“In December 2016, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and my Doctor prescribed medicine for the diabetes.  Angela helped me to change my lifestyle and my diet. She taught me to make healthy food choices and also motivated me to get moving and exercise. Through her help, I lost weight and my A1c came down.

My A1c came down so much, that within 6 months my Doctor took me off of the Diabetes medicine. I feel like what I have learned I can continue.  Angela has taught me that my "medicine of choice" is healthy eating and exercise!  Angela really cares that her clients are successful and I would recommend her to everyone.”

Beth P.