4 Strategies to Beat High Blood Sugar Within a Week

Fight Diabetes Head on with these 4 strategies for lowering blood sugar

Steady yourself. Take a deep breath. Put on your boxing gloves and get in the ring cause we’re about to fight this one head-on.

It’s time to declare an all-out war against diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, a report released in 2017 recorded an estimate of 30.3 million people living with this crippling disease, kids included.

And if that’s not enough to provoke you to action, a 2015 report shows it to be the 7th leading cause of death in the States. Which raises the question, are you ready to start throwing some punches of your own?

Here are 4 proven ways to lower your blood sugar within a week

1. Curb your snack intake

Are you really hungry? Curb your snack intake for improved blood sugar

Hunger is a good thing! We all get plagued by what I like to call the Snack Monster – the annoying culprit that makes us want to gobble up every bite in sight. But the problem with irregular snacking is that it spikes your blood sugar, leaving you feeling sluggish and cranky, not to mention hungry!

Less is more…

A 2014 study on Type 2 Diabetes has shown that eating 2 large meals a day produces more favorable glucose levels than having 6 small portions with the same caloric intake. And nutrition experts speculate that blood sugar is not affected by how regularly you eat but by the amount of food you consume daily.

I always tell my patients to practice mindful eating. Pay attention to the taste of your food, how it makes you feel and when you’ve had your fill. Remember that diabetes can affect your “barometer of fullness” and cause you to overeat.  You are an individual and what works for others may not work for you, listen to YOUR body.

2. Get enough sleep

Get restful sleep to lower your blood sugar levels

Food and sleep are directly correlated. Ever feel like you’re trapped in a vicious cycle? This is because when your body lacks sleep, your blood sugar surges and causes you to feel tired and hungry. This leads to overeating or consuming high-carb snacks during the day that worsen your glucose levels.

As a result, your body fights to get rid of excess glucose by waking you up every few hours to take a bathroom break, and so the cycle continues…

Limiting your snack intake before bed lowers your blood sugar and leads to better and longer sleep. But if you really can’t resist the urge, stick to low-carb and high-fat snacks like these.

3. Fuel up on fiber

Fill up on fiber to lower blood sugar

Sure, leafy greens don’t sound nearly as delicious as a bowl of pasta, but in the fight against high blood sugar, they pack a powerful punch.

Fiber is not only effective in lowering your glucose levels, but it also produces healthy gut bacteria, which makes it a win-win! And on top of that, it leaves you feeling full.

You need at least four servings of vegetables daily — that’s two for lunch, and two for dinner. One serving equals: ½ cup cooked veggies OR 1 cup raw veggies, OR 2 cups of leafy greens. Veggies like cauliflower, green beans, beets and carrots are great sources of fiber.

Here’s a tasty and nutritious recipe to get you going, OR spice things up with this scrumptious chili

4. Rehydrate!

Stay hydrated for improved blood sugar

High blood sugar causes dehydration and this only worsens hyperglycemia. Drink enough fluids to help ease your symptoms.

The fastest way to spike your glucose levels is by consuming sugar-packed refreshments like fruit juice, sodas, energy drinks, or anything containing extra calories.

Cut out all sugary beverages for one week and stick to sugar-free refreshments. There are loads of options, from unsweetened teas to herb-infused waters like Spindrift, Bai, or Zevia — all flavorful, nutritious and free of artificial sweeteners.

And, lastly, limit your caffeine intake to ONE cup of coffee and go easy on the creamer.

Final words…

Applying this proactive approach to your lifestyle will have you feeling energized, motivated, and excited about life again.

Health starts and ends with you. You’ve got everything it takes to make a change. Why not do it right now?

Outsmart your diabetes with my 6-Week Strong Mind, Strong Body program. Be sure to check out my video for the full scoop. 

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Even though diabetes is present in your life, there is hope. Hope that harmony between you and diabetes can be attained.

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