Do You Want to Lose Weight Fast?

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Duh, stupid question, who doesn’t! Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were a some easy things to do to get rid of excess weight fast? To me, fast weight loss means the scale starts moving within the first week of making changes.  Fast weight loss does not mean 10# the first week because you starved yourself on a restrictive diet.  We want to see the scale move and be able to maintain the weight loss, not gain it back the very next week.  The quick results I’m talking about are getting the scale moving and seeing ~2 pounds a week disappear.

Well, you’re in luck, I have a straightforward, no messing around, ways  you can get started.

 7 Ways to See Quick Weight Loss

  • Look at your drinks. Juice, fancy coffee, sports drinks, soda/pop, ahem….alcohol. These drinks typically don’t provide a lot of nutrients, but DO provide a lot of energy (calories) and sugar.


  • Look at your snacks. My first question is not WHAT are you snacking on, but WHY?….is it to prevent hunger, or do you actually have physical signs of hunger? I don’t care how healthy your snack is, if you don’t have physical signs of hunger between meals, you may not actually need that snack.


  • Are you eating fat? If not, you need to start. Avoid fat-free, and start incorporating healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, avocados, and fatty fish! Stop eating salads with fat-free dressing, add some olive oil based vinaigrette and some nuts/seeds.


  • Stop spending 3 hr a day at the gym. Exercise is important, but you need to be strategic about it. Make sure you are not being a cardio- aholic. Cardio is great, but be sure to work in some strength training, and yoga. Also, you are going to be way more effective if you really put your heart into one hour, instead of half-assing 2 or 3 hours. Use those additional hours you now have to do some food prep – wink.


  • Start eating fiber. You need at least 25 grams a day and most people get only half of that. An assortment of vegetables, fruits, beans, peas, lentils are needed daily in order to meet this goal. LINK to fiber


  • Lose the excuses. We all have them, and they stop us from seeing results. I was too busy at work to get lunch or exercise or __________(fill in the blank). Bottom line is, if you are not committed to your health and making serious, long-term changes, you will not prioritize healthy eating and exercise, therefore you will not see results. So, get rid of excuses, stop being “too busy”, and start taking small actions….this is probably the quickest way to fast weight loss. You will never “find” time, you have to make time.


  • Feed your good bacteria. I’m serious! You have good bacteria that live in your gut. If you grow them, nourish them, and help them thrive, they’ll do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for you. These little bacteria will help you feel happier, less anxiety, stop the progression of disease, help you fight illness, and set you up for quicker weight loss. So, your good bacteria don’t like a lot of sugar, processed food or artificial sweeteners (but the bad bacteria do). The good bacteria LOVE the fiber I talked about earlier and probiotics (kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, yogurt with live cultures, kimchi, etc.). Get to it!

Take Action Today

Stop waiting for the perfect or right time, or when things calm down. If you want quick results, start now, don’t wait until Monday. Pick a couple of the suggestions above and commit. Start making choices in line with your decision and you will start seeing results. Quit counting calories, eat real food, listen to your body.
If you want help taking action, I have a 12 week Summer Makeover Challenge –  “Secrets to a Strong Mind, Powerful Body, and Amazing Energy!” it starts mid May!  Click Here to Learn More

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