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Thrive through the holidays with Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes

Free Webinar

Join me from the comfort of your home or office…

Thrive Through the Holidays with Pre Diabetes or Diabetes: Strategies to Take Charge of Your Eating

1 hr Webinar:
Monday, December 17th
12pm AK Time / 4pm ET

Here’s just a peek at what I’ll be covering in this holiday-changing webinar:

  • The 2 biggest blunders that keep people reaching their health goals when the holidays arrive.
  • How to beat the “Holiday Blues” – where you wholeheartedly go into the holiday with good intentions and feel like you blow it, party after party.
  • Learn exactly how to change your thinking so that you recognize yourself as the expert on you and learn to trust yourself to manage or prevent diabetes.
  • Simple shifts that make the difference between a stressful holiday season and joyful one!

Seriously, it’s getting down to the wire, Christmas is almost here, let’s make a plan to ENJOY it!

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