Shed the Pounds Without Going Hungry:
Secrets for Increased Energy and Permanent Weight Loss Without Rigid Diets

Challenge yourself in the New Year to find a healthier, saner version of YOU. This structured and supported 8-week challenge will guide you away from restrictive eating and towards a sustainable long-term lifestyle. Fun and doable, you'll find losing weight is just a happy side effect of your new way of life.


  • Photo Food Log Review by dietitian once weekly with positive, constructive support.
  • Unlimited access to ask dietitian questions through chat.
  • Weekly live 45-minute “Hot Topics” webinar so you know exactly what to eat and do to increase energy and decrease weight.
  • A 30-min 1:1 appointment to be used at any time during the 8 weeks to fine tune your plan.
  • Access to 60 days worth of dietitian-planned healthy meals, recipes and grocery lists.

Once you're enrolled, you'll receive a calendar invite to the webinars and I'll begin checking in with you each week. Grab a friend and register today!

8 Week Challenge

Starts Tuesday, January 15th
Live webinar 11-11:45am, AK Time

Receive the recorded webinar if you're unable to attend.

Challenge ends Tuesday, March 5th

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Raves From the Last 8-Week Challenge

It has been a great challenge for me to be part of this program. I never thought I could lose weight in a matter of 8 weeks. It made a huge difference to me, not just appearance, but also it taught me a lot of ways to stay fit and healthy and build self-confidence. I get a lot of compliments for what I am now and people are just amazed with the results, especially me! Angela has been very supportive and actively checking on all her clients and very committed! Keep it up and thank you for all your help and you really are a rockstar! I really appreciate you and all you do to help people reach their goal. I will definitely recommend your business. You’re truly amazing! Thank you!

Kathy B.

Working with Angela was a great positive experience. I wasn’t sure about how successful I was going to be in this challenge and I almost gave up. Angela continued to encourage me to not give up and keep working through it. I learned a lot about how to diversify my meals and how to fuel my body. This is not about making you feel bad about food choices but to bring awareness. I feel so much better after making small but impactful changes, such as adding more veggies and snacking less. I also learned how to fine tune my time management skills and I’m still working on it in order to give my body the best. You do have to put in the work and time and I feel I achieved my goals because of that. I can happily continue putting into practice the tools that I learned. Angela is always there when you need the support and she really gives you 1:1 attention. I’d highly recommend her if you’re thinking of doing her programs. You won’t regret it!


This program made me change to a healthy lifestyle. I was able to stop several of my diabetes medications and lost weight. I'm working on achieving my goal, which is to maintain a well-controlled diabetes with healthy diet and exercise without medications. The challenges are easy to understand and very informative. I will continue the challenge because it makes me feel great and energetic. I have tried several diet programs and failed. But this program with Angela works!


I learned new things but also affirmed what I should do to have healthier lifestyle. Detox truly helped me to reset and ignite for better results going forward.