Angelas 14 Day Blood Sugar Reboot

Have you got 14 days?


Okay, it’s a trick question, because most people can expect the sun to keep rising for the next two weeks. What I mean is have you got 14 days to commit to lowering your blood sugar once and for all?

My new 14-day challenge will take just two short weeks. In that time, I’ll teach you 14 simple habits that will help you outsmart your diabetes for good.

Can finally lowering your blood sugar be as straightforward as following a checklist? Well, actually, yes.

As I often say, diabetes is really not that hard to outsmart. Most people don’t need complex tests, detailed schemes or a biomedical research degree to get a handle on their blood sugar. 

Small changes, followed consistently, make all the difference. 

So why do people find it so difficult?

Well, you can outsmart diabetes pretty easily, but you have to work a little harder to overcome your own habits. And, even when you do, it’s not uncommon to get derailed. Things happen. Life gets stressful. Old patterns come back. 

That’s why I’ve broken it down into a simple two-week challenge. Change one habit a day for 14 days and, before you know it, your blood sugar will come down. Keep up those habits and — amazingly — it will stay down. 

To be clear, diabetes is a chronic condition, so I’m not promising it’s going to disappear altogether or that you can ditch your medication in a matter of weeks. 

What I am saying is that you — yes you — can learn and maintain 14 key lifestyle habits that will help you get a handle on your diabetes once and for all. If you take up the challenge and follow it consistently, you can expect even stubbornly high blood sugar levels to come back down.

And it’s just a dollar a day to join. Why a dollar?

It’s no secret that people are more likely to follow a program when they have a little skin in the game. And I want you to follow it, because it’s one of the simplest and best ways I know to get a handle on your diabetes.

So, let’s do this! Ready to devote 14 days to lowering your blood sugar for good?

Angelas 14 Day Blood Sugar Reboot

14 days — 14 healthy habits — Better blood sugar once and for all

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